Digital Publishing
Custom design 8pp with product links to clients ecommerce website.
Readers can order & buy online. Custom Google Maps of all stores
Deep links to social media and other web pages
Custom 64pp & 56pp catalogue with index linking.
Vector zoom for viewing detail in fashion.
Links to client website.
Custom 8pp catalogue with index linking.
Links to client website.
Custom 16pp catalogue with index linking.
Links to client website.
Custom 16pp with downloadable interactive 'Wish List' pdf
Links to social media and home website
Custom 12pp with built in e-commerce function that checks out to an email account. Links to social media and home website. Interactive pdf entry form.

Digital catalogues are the online partners to the printed catalogue.
They are created from the Hires pdf files used to print paper catalogues. PMP convert & enhance them for optimised web viewing.
A suite of interactive elements and design features enhance the reader experience.

Design flexibility
Colours of all web elements are matched to the client’s corporate styling, including logos, backgrounds, loading page & buttons.

E-commerce functionality
All sale items can be linked directly to the clients e-commerce website for online purchasing.
Alternatively, the built in e-commerce cart function can direct reader purchases to a clients PayPal account or business/sales email address.

Other Interactive elements include
• Links to social media or any other web page
• Video streaming to YouTube, Vimeo or client videos.
• Bookmark function – a reader can save their own bookmarks to share or print.

Downloadable ‘Wish List’ Catalogue pdf
An interactive pdf with a tick box next to each item. The user selects their favorite items and can save the pdf for later offline use, emailing or sharing (Includes links back to the digital catalogue). Only requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader available for all devices.

Interactive pdf’s (with extended Acrobat Reader features)
Entry forms, order forms, Instructions, Recipes, T’s & C’s and many other forms or lists. Only requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader available for all devices.

Google maps
Includes custom Google pin, get directions, contact details & store hours.

Google Analytics Report
Visitor traffic, e-commerce links, by location, page views, time on page and zoom, keyword searches and sharing via social media channels or email.

SEO meta tags
Search Engine Optimisation keywords added to any page used by search engine crawler software. Google search engines that scan the content of web pages making it easier to find your catalogue Meta tags.

Every catalogue includes
• Web hosting
• All pages fully indexed for a comprehensive text search function
• Multiple web versions created for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.
• Share, save or print the catalogue, a single page or an individual item.

Offline version available in PC and Mac formats
Standalone version of the catalogue in a file that can be loaded onto media devices such as portable USB drives, DVD etc. All interactive features take the reader back online. Great addition to sales or promotional material or downloadable from a clients website.